Economics Campus
By David Ho Follow | Public

Providers of Executive Education in Economics
Ever wondered how high can you price a car before it becomes too expensive to sell? How should you decide, as a business owner, if you can afford to offer your staff a raise? How will your business be affected if interest rates increase? Economics can answer these questions.
Combining a passion for Education and Economics, we, at Economics Campus, believe that individuals are able to make better-informed business, investment and life decisions if equipped with sound, working knowledge of Economics. That is what drives us in our business.
Led by a team of committed Economists, we focus on organizing seminars and workshops on ‘practical economics’. At our flagship ‘Empowernomics’ seminars, we focus on the analysis of economic realities and the application of economic theories, whereby individuals and corporate clients will be empowered with a strong understanding of the workings of the real economy, the financial system, and current global, regional and domestic economic trends to make better-informed business, investment and life decisions.
We also provide companies with customized training solutions to empower clients to anticipate, prepare and respond to changing economic trends and formulate appropriate business and investment growth strategies.
Our motto, ‘Veritas Erit Talem Vos’, Latin for ‘The Truth will Empower You’ defines us. Education is a life-long journey, and it is only through knowledge that we are empowered.